When the world comes crashing in
and my head’s all in a spin
I turn to you, I turn to you

I’m wrestling with my failures
Trying to sort out my problems
But then I look and see you
Calmer, calmer

Emotions feel muddled and confused
I breathe, I slow down
Focusing more on you

My brain begins to empty
My eyes start to grow heavy
My breathing sounds louder than my fears
Resting, resting in you

Lifting up my thoughts
Letting you come in
Letting the hands that hold the universe hold everything
Trying to trust
Striving to surrender
Giving it all to God

You are in control
You can have control
Help me, heal me
Save me from myself
Love me, lead me
Draw me to yourself

Resting, resting
Calmer, calmer
You can have control
Hallelujah, you are in control

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