Supporting autoimmune conditions through diet

In September 2015, I came off medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis, determined to find another way of easing my condition. I have not been on medication since then. The more people I talk to about my current diet and lifestyle, the more I realise there are lots of people out there struggling with autoimmune conditions and medications; people who want to try a natural approach but are not sure where to begin. An increasing number of people are showing an interest in the route I have taken and are asking for my advice. So I have decided to put it all down on this blog in the hope of helping them and others who might stumble across this site. I am no expert and can only tell you what I’ve learnt, what I’ve tried and what works for me. However, I honestly believe there is something in what I am doing and, while it hasn’t sorted out my condition completely, I certainly think it is worth you reading on if you are worried about your autoimmune condition.

At some point, I will write a post with my whole story but I am keen now to start people off down the road I began in September 2015. You can take and leave as much as you want from my experiences but I certainly believe that my desperate situation in 2015 made me make radical changes, all of which I believe were necessary. Tinkering with this and that, and half-heartedly attempting some of changes would not have brought me to the place I am now. I am convinced of this.

I was blessed enough to know someone with RA who had been through all of this change a year ahead of me. Her mother was my mentor and guided me on the first steps of what I needed to do and I sure this saved me a lot of time wasting. It is these steps that I will guide you through first.

So please take a look at Step 1: Food intolerance.


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